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We talked among friends about American style, German style, English style, French style or Spanish style and almost everyone agreed and gave similar characteristics. However, when it came to discussing what is the Polish style everyone talked about something different and some even argued with each other. What the hell, we don't know what the Polish style is? And so the topic arose: write about Polish style.

It was not an easy task because Polish or any other national style of behavior, reaction, way of speaking or any other traits do not come from nowhere. It takes a long time to develop and is influenced by history, geographical location and many other factors.

The history of the Polish state spans more than a thousand years, much longer than that of many other countries, not to mention the history of the people living on this land for thousands of years, whose memory or reminiscence survived not in written records, as writing was unknown then, but in the form of ancient legends or appears as a result of contemporary archaeological excavations, which are not easy to interpret.

The modern history of Poland begins with the emergence of a state organized in a specific way, on specific principles, the Polish way of existence begins. Infiltrating troops from various directions, pushing the borders with neighbors, sometimes friendly relations, sometimes hostile. All the time something is happening. It is not only wars, because when peace came after a period of wars, Poles were busy with work, play, family life and many other things. However, whether it was war or peace, some things had a special quality or character, so there was a style, which either in general or to a lesser extent we find in other nations. Polish style. And that's what we're talking about.

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