We invite you to work together. We know from experience or feel instinctively that nice things are the result of cooperation between a group of people. If there is no cooperation, there will be nothing. We do not yet know what the possible forms of cooperation are, probably very different.

Some may want to write something, others may want to support the co-creation of Polish style through financial support, others may want to advertise their products or ideas as an element of Polish style, still others may want to provide some information about Poles living abroad or share their comments on the texts posted on the site. It can be various.

However, we ask you to avoid expressions insulting to the nation or religion in all comments or content, because it is simply classless.

Of course, when we write about anything, we write with mockery and criticism, we have doubts or simply our opinion. But this does not mean that we write badly about someone or something. However, we don't collect bad opinions about the Polish style or about Poland in general, because that's different and the enemies of Poland have already taken care of that and we're not going to help them.

Of course, we may fail, because it will turn out that nobody is interested in any Polish style, in anything Polish at all, everybody wants to be a European, a citizen of the world.

It is hard.

But at least we will try.

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