Militari is a characteristic Polish sports competition having its roots in the Second Republic, where in the years 1923-39 the Polish Army Horse Championship was played, during which competitions typical for "horse" disciplines such as dressage, cross-country running and jumping were additionally enriched with shooting and wielding a sabre and lance during a horse charge.

1 November All Saints' Day


wszystkich swietych

The 1st of November, celebrated in Poland as a holiday, is not the Feast of the Dead, as the communist authorities in Poland wanted (because it could be a holiday of the dead, ghosts, monsters, vampires or anyone, just not saints).

The dead don't celebrate anything on this day... at least not in Poland.

It is a holiday of the living, who want to express their respect and love for their ancestors, for their loved ones, absent in body, but who are still present among us, the living. It is, in a sense, the feast of immortality, a feast during which the memories of those who have passed away are revived, but are still alive in our hearts, memories and remembrance.

Poland - the first country in the world to introduce religious tolerance

Poland - the first country in the world to introduce religious tolerance

konfederacja warszawska resize

After the end of World War II in 1945 in London was signed the constitution of UNESCO, an organization whose main objective is to promote international cooperation in the fields of culture, art and science, and for human rights, regardless of skin color, social status and religion. The first director of this organization was Julian Sorell Huxley, an evolutionary biologist, grandson of Thomas Henri Huxley, a deep believer in Darwin's evolutionary theory. On the initiative of French socialist activist Leon Blum, UNESCO's headquarters were moved to Paris.


It is said that the Sarmatian women enjoyed special consideration. If the Sarmatian ancestry of the Poles is true, it is no wonder that women in Poland also enjoyed special consideration.

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